The Program

4/4 - Arrival

Check in, activity for the children with the entertainment crew and a courtesy massage for the adults (15 minutes). In the evening: A BBQ party on the beach hosted by the Thailand Tourism Ministry.

5/4 Passover evening - Lel Haseder

Prayer and a Halakhic Seder under the management of Rabbi Haim Horovitz (the Rabbi of the Bavli synagogue in Tzahala). Sumptuous dinner

6/4 First holiday of Passover

Sumptuous dinner (second holiday day). Lecture by Rabbi James Kenard. Holiday evening (Motzei Hag): performance by the mentalist Manny Hollander. For women: a hair styling /wig workshop.

7/4 Family day​

Family quality time, activities for children, cooking / yoga workshops for women. In the evening: Kabbalat Shabbat and festive Friday dinner.

8/4 A Relaxing Shabbat

Shacharit prayer and torah reading for those who are interested. Relaxation for the body and the soul. Saturday Evening: Havdalah.
A gathering on the beach for a captivating fire show.

9/4 "Andamanda "

An outing in the legendary water park, filled with slides, pools and various other attractions. In the evening: a party within the hotel grounds.

10/4 The Similan Island Cruise

A magical cruise in a 12-island chain. Snorkel diving - an amazing underwater experience.. In the evening: guest singer performance.

11/4 Phang Na and "James Bond Island"

Hiking day combining a visit to a rubber plantation, canoeing and a visit to a stalactite cave. Festive supper.

12/4 Seventh day of Passover and the Mimouna

Festive supper.
In the evening: a farewell celebration and a Mimouna party including traditional costumes and a performance by a guest singer. Second holiday for diaspora residents.

13/4 - Farewell

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