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The Kosher Mehadrin Passover vacation in Thailand took shape in the fertile mind of the entrepreneur Eli Shoham , owner of Keshet Educational Journeys , several years ago. In 2020, when the initiative was at its peak, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, putting the project and the entire tourism market in deep freeze. Now that the world is returning to business as usual, Eli has reinitiated the project together with his Australian partner -- Eli Feiglin and the Aussie Pesach Company.

Keshet Tourism was established in 2010 by Eli Shoham as a tourism company specializing in exotic destinations. The name Keshet (Hebrew for “rainbow”) is reminiscent of the tropical destinations in which the company specializes -- rainbows frequently appear at tropical latitudes where rain and sun so often coincide.

The company has developed tourism services to meet the needs of observant Jewish tourists from Israel and throughout the world who are seeking high-quality vacations in the islands of Thailand, without compromising on either maximum comfort or strict kashrut observance.

Eli Feiglin, CEO and owner of the Australia-based Aussie Pesach Company, can be counted on for miraculous matchmaking between various corners of the globe. For many years he has been organizing unique groups of observant Jews from Australia and North America on trips to unique destinations across the globe.

Eli Feiglin and Eli Shoham have joined forces so you can enjoy the magical experience of the Exodus from Egypt and the miracles of Passover in one of most beautiful locations in Thailand, and with the highest standards of kashrut. Lavish hospitality programs on the Sabbath and holidays. A halakhic Seder. Sumptuous meals. Opulent buffets. Splendidly designed table settings. A program that brings together significant religious content with spectacular artistic activity.

All this is orchestrated by renowned rabbis and cantors. So that you, the parents, can enjoy all the possibilities the hotel and the area have to offer, you will have at your disposal a club for children and teenagers with a range of activities, staffed by guides who will engage and supervise your children.

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