Keshet Tours was founded in 2010 by Eli Shoham (Shamama) as a travel company specializing in exotic destinations. The name ‘Keshet’ or ‘Rainbow’ in English is reminiscent of the tropical destinations the company specializes in - rainbows occur in tropical places when there is rain and sun simultaneously.

The “Keshet Tours & Traditions” division was developed soon after in order to cater to the vast population of religious Jews from Israel and around the world that are looking for quality vacations in the Thai islands while not compromising on maximum comfort and completely Kosher conditions.

Keshet Tours is developing vacation programs, specifically for the Chagim, dedicated to the religious community and is investing great resources in order to accommodate the community that until now had to find creative ways to travel the world. Our goal is to create incredible Holiday experiences for the whole family in exotic destinations, while carefully attending to the most important details.

Our offices are located in Ashkelon and are staffed with 5 expert travel agents with many years experience in planning holidays for the religious community. We offer all travel services to private clients as well as many large travel agent companies in Israel and all over the world.

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